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Winter projects

In the south-west part of Norway where I'm living the so-called season for driving a vintage soft-top is roughly from Easter Time (April/May) to early fall (September/October). Hence, I will have plenty of time for projects and TLC.

Below is given the milestones during the winter time, and the description of the projects during the winter months can be found on these links:

Winter 2005-2006    Winter 2006-2007    Winter 2007-2008    Winter 2008-2009  Winter 2009-2010

Winter 2010-2011    Winter 2011-2012    Winter 2012-2013

Milestones for winter 2005/2006

        Soundproofed rear compartment and boot

        Changed several seals and gaskets as the Vitesse had not been much used the last years

        Undercoated March 2005

        Mounting front and rear seatbelts


Milestones for winter 2006/2007

        Change from RHD to LHD

        Cleaning the floor, painting and wax-oil

        Fitting moulded carpet - Matador Red from Newton Commercials

        Mounting spin-on oil filter conversion set


Milestones for winter 2007/2008

        Fitting Halogen headlights, right-dip for LHD

        Fitting remote Servo brake and Greenstuff pads

        Fitting Tonneau cover

        Fitting heated seat-pads underneath the seat covers


 Milestones for winter 2008/2009

  • Change oil sump gasket
  • Paint the oil sump
  • Fit new door skins front doors
  • Fit the MX-5 seats
  • Fix some minor play in the ball housing or the track rod ends on the steering rack
  • The left door lock does not always work properly need to check
  • There is some annoying noise in the right door when running on bumpy roads need to figure out what
  • Re-fit the brake pipes to the remote servo fitted last year. The fit should be nicer :-)
  • Fitting chrome brake and clutch support brackets master cylinders
  • Change OD-stick to LHD-stick
  • Fix horn to be working from the steering-wheel. Now the horn is underneath the dash
  • Change windscreen


Milestones for winter 2009/2010

        Not much - move from my house/garage, however the flat include a large parking place where I can maintain the Vitesse :-)


Milestones for winter 2010/2011

  • Fitting Kenlowe electric fan
  • Change time cover seal
  • Fit new radio with USB and iPhone connection
  • Change wheel bearing RH-side
  • Swopped to correct Vitesse wheel as spare wheel
  • Made cycle- and ski-rack mounted to the luggage boot rack


Milestones for winter 2011/2012

  •  Changing differential unit

  • Upholstery of th eback seat

  • Fitted sub-woofer

  • EU-kontroll (Norwegian MOT)

    Milestones for winter 2012/2013

    • New red leather seat covers on the MX5 seats

    • Changing door locks

    • Changing sump gasket and fitting steel sealing block

    • Changed speedo gear seal

    • Fitted new speedo angle drive

    • Modify to Canleys trunnionless front suspension kit

    • Fitted polished steel brake dust shields

    • Fitted speakers in the rear quarter panel

    • Fitted original latch to the under dash storage box

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