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Stavanger - Gloppedalsura - Sirdalen - Solastranden; summer 2008      

Summer 2008 I drove the Vitesse to Stavanger for visiting my family. On the way to Stavanger I accidentally ran into a nice Herald 13/60 that was parked on the road. The owner and I had of course an hour chat about our nice cars J

One day my dad and I took a full day ride to various places we used to visit when I was a kid. The main target was Sirdalen where I had many lovely summers together with family and friends. We had – and still have – a cabin in Sinnes – close to one of my childhood friend’s cabin. On the way to Sirdalen/Sinnes we passed Byrkjedalstunet – a very nice restaurant that also hosts a candle-foundry. Close to Byrkjedalstunet is Gloppedalsura – a scree that appears to be one of the largest in Europe. From here we drove toward Sirdalen and also visited a water-fall called Dorgefoss. Sadly it appeared to be dry at the moment due to dry weather, but mainly due to water-regulation for the electric power plant.

The next day we visited Solastranden – a very nice and huge sandy beach close by Stavanger

Pictures from the trips is shown below. A map of the trip from my home to Sirdalen and back is shown here.


                                          SOLASTRANDEN - a beach close by Stavanger


On the way to Stavanger




Met i nice 13/60 close to Haugesund






Byrkjedalstunet where we had dinner





Memorial for the battle in Gloppedalsura - April 22, 1940








Our cabin in Sirdalen, Sinnes - VIKINGBU




View of the deep pool where I learned to swim :-)


The cabin to my friend, Arne


The river that flows by the cabins




Dorgefoss - waterfall - without water though, dry weather!




Solastranden - a beack close by Stavanger


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